Quiz Who lives where?

Tell me where you live, and I’ll tell you who you are. Residents from three different Alfred Müller AG developments introduce themselves and allow a glimpse into their living rooms. Which living room goes with which profile?


Age: 47 Occupation: Architect Home: since 2016, in a freehold flat with 144 m² living space together with her husband and their two children, aged 13 and 15 Favourite place to buy furniture: from various home furnishing retailers: Neumarkt 17, Einzigart, Ikea, Pfister Favourite place in the flat: reading corner in the bedroom Object I couldn’t do without: Bookworm bookcase Furnishing style: modern, simple, clean lines, clear colours, light as a central element, like to play with contrasts What makes me feel at home: it’s the little details that create the atmosphere. Light, accessories, plants. It’s important for your furnishings to reflect your personality.

Pia und Paul

Age: 60+ and 73 Occupation: registered nurse, physician, both retired Home: since 2008, together in a freehold flat with 140 m2 living space Favourite place to buy furniture: The furniture comes to us. Fate decides. Favourite place in the flat: the table in the lright sitting room and the terrace Object we couldn’t do without: the dining room table, the centre of our social life Furnishing style: a motley collection of individual favourite objects. Each one has a story. What makes us feel at home: warmth and light are important factors for comfort.


Age: 39 Occupation: special education teacher Home: since 2017, a duplex with 197 m² living space together with her husband and two children (2 and 5) Favourite place to buy furniture: various home furnishing retailers such as Westwing, Maison du Monde, Interio, Loberon, Pfister Favourite place in the house: her house is her oasis, she has a relationship with each room. Even the utility room is a favourite place. Object she couldn’t do without: hoover and sunshade Furnishing style: shabby chic, warm, a mix of modern, retro and industrial. Each room has its own style. What makes me feel at home: scented candles, ambient light and good music

Quiz: Who lives where?

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