Home at last

After 30 years in a rented apartment, it is a dream come true for the Lütolf family. There was a decade-long quest for their ideal property, but in the end they found it: a 5.5-room apartment in the Neuhuspark development in Meggen that is the perfect match for its new occupants.

The Lütolf family were the occupants of a rented apartment in Lucerne for 30 years. Driven by a slumbering desire to enjoy the autumn of their lives in a somewhat brighter and sunnier apartment, they had frequently looked around for a home of their own during the past decade. That remained a dream until the purchase of their 5.5-room apartment in Meggen. “Here in Neuhuspark, everything has turned out just right. The apartment is not far from our old place, so we can stay in touch with our long-standing neighbours. The curvaceous construction is not run-of-the-mill, the build quality is high and everything is quite beautifully embedded in the landscape. The tranquillity, plenty of green in the adjacent agricultural zone with cows mooing against the backdrop of an alpine panorama, the fact that we can benefit from all the urban advantages of Lucerne – concert-going, events, cultural occasions – we were sold on it. That’s pure quality of life. It was also nice to be involved in the interior design.”

“Enjoying the last rays of sun on the terrace, book in hand, with the sound of cowbells for accompaniment – there’s something almost meditative about it.”

Peter und Monika Lütolf

Monika and Peter Lütolf’s delight at purchasing a home of their own at the onset of retirement is spiced with more than a touch of pride. Monika Lütolf’s eyes sparkle as she explains what this apartment means to her: “Each room is bright and sunny, and spacious so that both of us can have corners to ourselves; the new household appliances are fantastic, no more rattling and sagging drawers; and above all the relaxing evening hours on the terrace, with a book, a glass of wine, and this priceless view – we feel extremely comfortable here.” For retirees, it is all the more important to feel comfortable at home, rather constantly feeling driven out of it.

Given this enthusiasm, the hectic experience of moving day and no less than 100 packing cases has quickly been forgotten. “It was a hullabaloo, but the bed was set up and my wife slept wonderfully the first night,” recalls Peter Lütolf. Meanwhile, she raves about the excellent spaghetti her husband cooked and served for their first meal in the new kitchen. Satisfaction and fulfilment are written all over their faces.